With the AVGVG Annual Meeting being held on February 24th,2014 it is time to call for nominations to serve on the executive and committees for 2014 . We will be electing the following positions on the 24th beginning at 7:00pm in Windermere Hall, Berwick.

Vice President

Training Coordinator
(Help organize patch tours and guest speakers and other information that we can distribute to the membership and include on our web site)

3-4 People -Special Events Committee
( In conjunction with the executive help plan and execute our events such such as the Glad Gardens Weigh Off ,Summer Family BBQ and Christmas Social )

Seed Fund Raising Coordinator
(responsible to run seed sales and raffles to raise operating funds for the club)

Seed Pack Coordinator
(responsible to gather /purchase for distribution each winter/spring all types of giant seeds for the annual seed pack)
Membership Coordinator (responsible for sending out letters to new members and maintaining an accurate and current membership with all contact information)

While not required it is probably a good idea to make contact with anyone you would wish to nominate. Please send all nominations to Judy Knox ( prior to the meeting. We will also be accepting nominations from the floor the night of the annual meeting.

We had a great 2013 and with everyone’s help and active participation we will have a great year in 2014.

Seed Pack

Anyone still wishing to contribute to the club seed pack please make sure you contact Andy or Paul by the 16th of February so the seeds can be included. We would like to have 55 packs labeled however if you do not have that quantity we would welcome including your seeds anyway. Thanks to all of those whom have contributed so far. You can e-mail Paul at or Andy at
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