Soil Additive Products

Dear Club Member
Below you will find three soil additive products that we have the opportunity to do a club buy on for this upcoming growing season. We have all been discussing the use of Humic Acid for our pumpkins and now you can get in on a club purchase if you want to try some of any of these materials in your patch. If you want to get involved in this I would need to have your order into me by April 5th,2014 at the latest so that we can have everything ready for pickup at our April Meeting. The prices are approximate but a firm price will be e-mailed to you before the order goes in. We will only proceed if we get enough interest to keep the cost down for everyone.
Hope this is of interest and we get enough people involved to make it a worth while venture for the club. Thanks to our newest members Jane and Phil Hunt for identifying the products and getting the contact information.
If you want to get in on this please e-mail Paul at with the product and quantity you require

Black Earth Humic Acid
Supplementing soil with humics is much sought-after in the agricultural world – large-scale farming and specialty horticulture alike are focused on building up the organic constituents of soil. By improving soil texture, increasing water retention, providing available carbon to soil and promoting the growth of living cells (in the plants themselves and the microorganisms that contribute to healthy soil), humics make your farmland as fertile and productive as nature intended.
Available in 50 lb Bags
Approx: $20.00/bag

Web Site :


An ocean deposit, is a non burning, economical soil amendment with an available potassium content of six to seven percent, that aids in: growing strong, hardy plants, improving yield and supplying the vitally necessary elements to produce vigorous plant growth. Greensand contains over 30 valuable trace minerals; marine potash plus silica, iron oxide, magnesium, lime and phosphoric acid. It is the silica which holds moisture and enables greensand to give bulk to sandy soil. Greensand is highly recommended for the conditioning of pasture lands, lawns, orchards, field crops, fruits and vegetable crops. It is of a soft nature and will break down and become a part of the soil. It will not lose its effectiveness in storage and can be applied at any time of the year. Even your house plants will love it!

Available in 50lb. bags

Approx: $28.00/bag

Web Site :





Fast Acting
More available than Rock Phosphate
Will not burn
Will not rust machinery

CalPhos™ is a naturally occurring combination of phosphorus, calcium and trace minerals.

CalPhos™ has been used for over 40 years as a major nutrient source in some of the finest natural fertilizers. When soil testing shows deficiencies of calcium and phosphate, CalPhos™ is a valuable tool to increase these minerals. Technically, it is known as colloidal phosphate which means that the particles are small and readily available for the plant to use. CalPhos™ is guaranteed to contain not less than 20% total phosphoric acid and 20% calcium with available phosphoric acid of 3%.

CalPhos™ is available in 50 lb bags
Approx $30.00 bag

Web Site :

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