Patch Tour – June 23,2014 @7:00 – Everyone Invited


Our June meeting will be “THE LAKEWOOD ROAD PATCH TOUR”.  Please join us at 7:00 pm on June 23rd, 2014 for a tour of 3 great patches that you will find extremely interesting.  We will meet at Gerard & Catharina Ansems, 1593 Lakewood Road (click on the link below for a Google Map).  From there we will venture across the street to see where Ron and Amanda grow the enormous beets as well as other giant vegetables.  Next it is down the road to Fred and Shirley Ansems to see the home of the World Record Long Gourd as well as many other winners from last year.  We will end up at Gerard and Catharina’s where you will see a wide variety of giants in a very unique patch and home of the 2012 – 1727 pumpkin.  We will then have a short meeting followed by light refreshments.

Should you need other direction please contact Gerard and Catharina at (902) 678-3941.

Google Link: 


Hope to see everyone there!!!
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