October Meeting and Other Information

It has certainly been a busy time of year with all of the competitions and with the winding down of gardening season. We have had many successes within our club membership despite cold spring and the hurricane that devastated many patches. Just to give everyone a break we will not hold our next meeting until our Christmas Social which this year will be held on December 1st,2014 at 7:00. Please mark your calendar and we will be out with more information on this event next month. A few things to keep in mind however through the next couple of months.

  • Brian Kenneally our Seed Coordinator will be starting the club fundraising activities in the near future. He will be asking people for donations of seeds to help with various sales he has planned and he we will also be advertising the sales on our web site as well as bigpumpkins.com. This will give you an opportunity to also participate in the club sales and buy some really great seeds that Brian will procure. We will keep you posted when these begin.
  •  “Seed of the Year Process ” can be found under the events tab on this web site . It is time to start thinking about your nomination of the 2015 season. Nominations will open on December 1st and stay open the whole month of December !
  • Remember that the club seed pack will be going out in February and we rely on all members to donate seeds. We would like to have the seeds individually packaged and labeled. This year it looks like we will need have 60 packs to cover all the members. If you are unable to get them packaged please send the seeds along anyway and we can get them distributed. Seeds can be sent to either Brian Kenneally, Gerard Ansems or  Paul Ferguson for the Club Seed Pack.
  • Membership renewal letters will be given out at the Christmas Social or in the mail in early December. Please keep in mind that we have changed the membership amount to a flat $15.00 per household. We will also be accepting payments at the event if you want to deal with the renewal then. Thank you to all of those who have already renewed.

If you have any questions or need any clarification on the above please don’t hesitate to contact one of the members of the club executive

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