Seed Pack 2015

Seed Packs have either been handed out or will shortly be in the mail to you. We want to thank all those who have donated seeds to this years packet. In an effort to broaden the types of Giants and expand the  variety of seeds we have added a few new seeds into your packet. One point to remember is that with most of these it is about the length of time to grow so its not to early to start seedlings. Some details about these seeds are listed below:

Cabbage: O-S Cross Hybrid #132

All-America Selections Winner 1951 A hybrid that under Alaska’s growing conditions produces enormous exhibition heads that are 3-4 feet across and weighing 70 plus pounds. The truly remarkable cabbage is an Alaskan Giant. For a champion sized head, seed must be started indoors several months ahead of outdoor planting time. Late. The photo is of a 50# O-S Cross cabbage taken in Fairbanks, AK summer of 2009.


O-S Cross Cabbage

Wade’s Giant Indian Flint Corn

This is the best Indian flint corn we have found; huge ears are about 12” long, very thick and heavy! This beauty comes in a whole range of lovely hues from yellow, blue, red, orange, white, purple and more. This one is perfect for stunning autumn displays and for selling at market. Also great for producing lots of corn for meal or feed. We were really excited to find this beautiful corn that was carefully selected for giant size and superior quality by Wade Nursery of Macomb, Michigan.


Giant Yellow Eckendorf Beet

The 1927 Henry Fields catalog said, “Giant, smooth, long roots of cylindrical shape, weighing up to 20 pounds each and growing two-thirds above ground. Solid white flesh with high food value.” These big yellow-skinned roots are perfect for growing as animal food, a tradition that is finally being brought back on many small farms.

giant yellow eck

St. Valery Carrot

70 days. The Vilmorins of France mentioned this variety in 1885 and said it had been grown a “long time” then. A large handsome variety with bright red-orange roots; smooth, 10”-12” long & 2”-3” in diameter. Sweet & tender. Rare. Our favorite! (This variety grew the world record long carrot)

St. Valery Carrot

Japanese Minowase Daikon Radish

Popular old Japanese favorite; the giant white roots grow to 24 inches long and 3 inches wide. Sweet and very crisp, this radish is a delight pickled, stir-fried, steamed or raw.

japanese minowase daikon

Ailsa Craig Onion

Long day type—Very well-known globe-shaped heirloom onion that reaches really huge size—5 lbs is rather common! The skin is a pale yellow and the flesh is relatively mild and sweet, so is recommended for fresh use—not a storage type. Introduced in 1887 by David Murray, gardener for the Marquis of Ailsa, at Culzean Castle in Maybole, South Ayrshire, Scotland.



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