Club News

  • We want to welcome our newest member -Henry Penner of Berwick. Henry is an avid gardener and proprietor of Rising Sun Natural Foods in Berwick. Rising Sun Foods has also been a great supporter of our Glad Gardens Weigh Off. Welcome to the group Henry !
  • Again this year club members Charles and Gail Ebbett were the big winners at the recently held Fredericton Ex Weigh Off.  1st Place, weighing in at 877 pounds and grown from Charles’s own 985 seed-  2nd place  was 721 pounds grown again from Charles’s 985 seed . 3rd place  was the 658 Tingley . Congratulations to Charles, Gail, and Daryl for this great showing at the Ex. Three fine Atlantic Giants from some long time dedicated growers !
  • The Hants County Ex Weigh Off held at the fairgrounds in Windsor Nova Scotia the evening of September 17th, 2015. This year marks the 250th year for the event making it the longest running agricultural fair in North America. This year’s winner Gerard Ansems set a new Hants County Ex record with his pumpkin weighing in at 1295 pounds beating his own previous record at this event of 1095 pounds. Results are as Follows:
    1. Gerard Ansems 1295 Lbs
    2. Andrew Ansems 1236 Lbs
    3. Frank Ansems 870 Lbs
    4. Brian Kenneally 722 Lbs
    5. Danny Dill 462 Lbs
    6. Allison Dill 407 Lbs
    7. Michael Armstrong 159 Lbs
    Congratulations to all of the participants and especially first time grower Michael Armstrong.

Glad Gardens Weigh Off Notes

Only 5 days till our 7th Glad Gardens Weigh Off and plans for our event are coming together nicely. We will have 14 categories of vegetables for both Adults and Young Gardeners (under16) and for those with something unusual that does not fit in one of these categories we will have our Open Vegetable Class. We are encouraging everyone to bring all that they have grown this year so we will have a really big showing for our event. We will have activities for all ages from viewing all the large and tall veggies to games for the kids, BBQ, and raffles.

How can you help :

  • We will all gather at Glad Gardens this Wednesday night at 6:30 to set up for our event. Many hands will make light work so please come if you are available.
  • Fill out your entry forms : Judy will be accept registrations and give you your tags and labels on Wednesday night so you need to bring just the registration form as long as you bring the other GPC information forms on Friday or Saturday.(covers the six vegetables under the GPC ( pumpkin, squash, tomato, field pumpkin, watermelon, or long gourd)). Be sure to include all the information you can as it will make entry into the GPC records much easier. Forms Available on our web site under the Events Tab.
  • If you have offered a cooler please bring it along on Wednesday night so we can send it to be filled with ice for Friday.
  • If you have a job on the event list please make sure you get it done. If you are having any trouble or can’t get something done please let Paul know at
  • Bring as many entries as you can to the weigh off – We want Glad Gardens to be chalked full on Giants. Also you do not have to be a club member to enter (if your neighbour has a giant tomato, etc….), encourage others to enter.
  • Tell Everyone : We have posters throughout the valley and beyond. We also have the event information on our web site, various media outlets,  and the event poster is on our Facebook page for you to share.

We all work in our gardens from early spring with an eye towards this event so have a great couple of days and really enjoy the fun and competition.

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