Long Gourd Seed Sale !!!!

The Annapolis Valley Giant Vegetable growers are having a mini Long Gourd sale offering two Premier Packages. Recently on the MAGPG Hallow’een auction 2 139.25 Ansems seeds went for $130 US and a separate set of 137.5 Ansems went for $130 US as well. The AVGVG is offering 2 of each ( 4 seeds ) for $100 US. We are also offering a set of 10 seeds featuring 2- 2013-137.5 Ansems seeds.
The sale will commence this Saturday evening at 8:00 pm, Eastern to allow people to be made aware and to get on their significant other’s good side should they decide to take the plunge.

Anyone wishing to purchase one of the packages can contact me at andrew.hamilton@ns.sympatico.ca and we will be accepting PayPal, cheque or money order.

Pakage #1- very limited- From 2013 the WR 139.25 Ansems and # 2 137.25 Ansems


2-139.25- 120 Kline x 123 Rumancik- Grew this year’s World Record 149.50 Eaton
2- 137.5- 119.75 Rumancik x 120 Kline- Grew # 2 149.25 Muis

$100 US

Package # 2
YOU GET 10 SEEDS for $100 US ( that’s 10 bucks per seed !!! )

2- 2013- 137.5 Ansems- THE MONSTER MAKER

2-2015-149.25 Muis – 137.5 x 137.5

2- 2015-139.38 Ansems- 137.5 x 139.25

2-2015-130.00 Ansems- 137.5 x 139.25

2-2015-129.75 Ansems- 137.5 x 139.25


$ 100 US

Fred and Shirley are all out of 139.25 and 137.5 seeds with only a handful left which are committed to other growers. They were very generous to give what they had left for club fundraising. Ron Muis has also been very generous to the club so a big shout out to all of them.

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