GPC Master Grower Results Are In

The Master Grower results for 2015 were announced yesterday  and it was really great to see 8 of the 32 qualifiers were AVGVG Club Members. Congratulations to all the growers who strive each year to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables and compete at the various weigh offs. Special Congratulations to Fred Ansems for taking third place and to Todd Kline and Gerard Ansems for making the top ten.

AVGVG Results

3rd Ansems, Fred

8th Kline, Todd

10th Ansems, Gerard

13th Ansems, Shirley

14th Ansems, Frank

19th Ferguson, Paul

25th Andrew Ansems

31th MacQuarrie, Kim

GPC Master Grower Rules

  • Master Grower: Awarded to the grower who has the best all-around showing in combined categories (Pumpkin, Squash, Long Gourd, Field Pumpkin, Watermelon, and Tomato). A minimum of 5 out of the 6 categories will be required, and will be based on the following points system: The first place specimen in each category will each receive an amount of points equal to the total number of entries among qualifying growers of the category with the largest number of entries. Each subsequent placing will be awarded one less point than the entry ahead of it. A grower’s total number of points will be the deciding factor of the award.

Complete Results may be found at the following Link : Master Grower Results


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