Seed of the Year Nominations 2016

Seed of the Year Nominations 2016

We have four great nominations for our 2016 Seed of the Year – They are as follows (in no particular order )

  1. Brian Kenneally 1042 – 2323 Meier X 1389 Northrup
  2. Gerard Ansems 1415 – 1641 Clementz X 1297 Ansems
  3. Jeff Reid 875 – 1149 Reid x 2009 Wallace
  4. Ed Ward 1047 – 1719 Daletis X 1811 Graham

As per the rules of this contest each membership gets two votes which must be sent before January 20th, 2016. You cast your votes by indicating the number or numbers from above and emailing your choice to .
The winner will be announced via e-mail after the 20th. You will receive the Seed of the Year seed in your club seed pack and the contest prize will be awarded at our 2016 Christmas Party. Complete rules can be found at  under the Clubs Halls of Fame tab.
Good Luck to the Nominees and to everyone who participates this year.

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