2016 France Weigh Off

Catherine Ballion our club member from France has sent us some great photos and results from their recent event. Congratulations to all the participants and organizers  on such a wonderful show.

 Giant Pumpkins

Jean Michel Mery first 128kg
2nd Gag Travys 113kg
3rd Emilie Laurine PierchonDreumont 36kg
Squash we had 13the largest weighing 22kg

14590272_656468827846986_5795548718655129158_n 14595823_656468794513656_6158192363127688308_n 14632977_1865389587023143_7827561867161099570_n 14724646_656468747846994_4373954470277468668_n 14732160_656468931180309_7060663718223030194_n 14853053_1543800338968611_4188742698833344409_o 14882227_1543436309005014_8369514038641303315_o 14882385_1865424690352966_6652120229443112751_o 14884654_1865424663686302_8116271408536004649_o

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