2017 Outstanding Member Award



What are the criteria for Outstanding Member Award for our club? I would like to think that being a grower of prime specimen’s or being  a supporter of club activities or being a help to other growers and/or serving on the Executive would be qualifying traits.  There are probably more attributes that would fit the bill and I believe that our nominee this year is as qualified as can be.

He started growing pumpkins in the mid nineties as a founding member of his community/family pumpkin growing competition.  Then a weigh off in Windsor had some interest and he attended as a spectator where the interest in growing the real big one started.

Jeff Reid talked him into joining the AVGVG and gave him some “good” seeds.  Little did Jeff know that he created a monster grower not only grows pumpkins, but has also grown many other large veggies including a World Championship Long Gourd in 2016.  His name can usually be found in the top 3 of each category he has entered.

For those who haven’t already guessed our 2017 Outstanding Club Member nominee is Gerard Ansems of Steam Mill.  Gerard along with the untiring work of his wife, Catharina, has helped to put the AVGVG to the level it is today.  We have a premier weigh-off at Glad Gardens, thanks in, part to the level of commitment of members like Gerard.

Just a few of his accomplishments:

20101 First pumpkin over 1,000 lbs – 1220 lbs

2012 Wayne Knox Trophy 1616 lbs largest pumpkin weighed at Glad Gardens thus far.  He won at Windsor Exhibition with 1727 lb pumpkin which placed 11th in the world.

2014 Wayne Knox Trophy for his 1297 lb pumpkin

2016 Wayne Knox Trophy for his 1350 lb pumpkin and also World Champion for his 141.5 inch long gourd

2017 ;Placed 9th in the world with his 1183 squash; AVGVG record with his 214 lb bushel gourd; 268 lb bushel gourd at Windsor 2nd in the world.

The list can go on for a long time but you get the drift.

Ron Muis, President

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