AVGVG Auction on Big Pumpkins

Please support the Annapolis Valley Giant Vegetable growers by participating in our on-line Auction

Link to BP Auction : http://www.bigpumpkins.com/MsgBoard/ViewBoard.asp?b=26

Bids start at $15 please with $5 increments. All bids are in dollars from the country that you are bidding from. All seeds came from the original grower with no guaranty of germination.

Lots with more than one set will be offered to the highest bidder and they can have one or all sets , the next highest bid can take any sets not taken by the highest bidder.

Bidding will start at 8:00 pm Big Pumpkin time Dec 18,2017.
Bidding will end at 8:00PM Big Pumpkin time on Dec.22,2017.

Payments can be made by check, Money order or PayPal.
paypal payment made to fredansems@live.ca any questions can be made to same address
Check or Money Order made out to Fred Ansems
Mailing address is 1548 Lakewood road Steam Mill Nova Scotia B4N 3V7 Canada

Need for verification
1: BP name
2:real name
3:lot # and bid price
4: how many lots you would like
5:Full mailing address
6:payment method




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