2018 Seed Pack

2018 Seed Pack Contents

Your 2018 Seed Pack contains a wide variety of seeds. Below we have tried to give you as much information as we can about the seeds, seed starting and pictures where possible. While you pack contains a wide variety there may be some individual seeds especially in the Atlantic Giant Pumpkins that we did not have in sufficient quantity so not every pack will be the same. We hope you find this page useful as you plan your 2018 season.
A big Thank You to all of the contributors and those who helped put this year’s seed pack together

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Atlantic Giant Pumpkins

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Growing Giant Pumpkins

Pumpkin Seed Germination


  Seed Information

A. Ansems -851 lbs and 854 lbs and 1161 lbs
M. Ansems-836 lbs
C. Ansems-962 lbs
S. Maydan-632 lbs
Kline-1708 and 1718 lbs
Klage723 lbs
Dill –642 lbs

Giant Squash

Johnston/Butller–1038 lbs
S.Maydan–675.5 lbs

English Green Marrows

71 Lbs – Ferguson (17)


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How I Grew my 112 Cabbage

Cornish  Giant – John Butler/Johnston

Cabbage Support



Tomato – 3.91 lbs Johnston/Butler

Field Pumpkins

 Fred Ansems


St Valery (15)

St. Valery Carrot

70 days. The Vilmorins of France mentioned this variety in 1885 and said it had been grown a “long time” then. A large handsome variety with bright red-orange roots; smooth, 10”-12” long & 2”-3” in diameter. Sweet & tender. Rare. Our favorite!


Diakon Giant Radish



American Giant Sunflower
Pro Cut Red Sunflower SEED OF THE YEAR

Paul Cameron Sunflower


Kossah Kohlrabi


Huge but crisp kohlrabi. This large, white skinned hybrid will definitely inspire your taste buds whether used in coleslaw, included raw on a veggie tray, or cooked in soups or stews. As it continues to grow it remains tender without getting pithy or hollow. Kossak also has excellent storage capabilities and is easy to grow as an early or late planting. 65 days to maturity.



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Bushel Gourd

P.Cameron–165 lbs 3rd at Glad Gardens 2017
T.Kline 210 lbs
G.Ansems–214 lbs 1st at Glad Garden 2017

Red Bor Kale