REGISTER NOW: AVGVG Weighoff, pre-registration information during Covid-19

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the world and after much discussion; a vote was held and it was decided that we would have a GPC sanctioned weigh off. Where this is a GPC sanctioned event; anyone can come and weigh a pumpkin, or any of the 8 different categories under GPC rules. We will also be weighing the seed of the year for 2020; Zucchini.

The venue for the event is Glad Gardens but with a back-up plan to have it at the Ansems Farm if Covid-19 restrictions make the first choice not possible

We will be requiring all entries to preregistered. The cost for all entries is $20.00. The entry fee can be paid at the site by cash, or ChequePayments can be made online using Paypal

Please note the preregistration date for the 2020 AVGVG weigh off is September 4, 2020. All entries must be registered by this date. Please use the forms below

Please send completed information to

Due to Covid-19 the weigh off will be different this year but it is going ahead. So standby for more to come as we get closer.

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