7:00  PM

Hamburgers, hot dogs and all condiments along with pop and water will be provided.  Please bring a plate (dessert) to share.    Hope to see you there.  Judy

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Patch Tour 2017

Hello Everyone:  The Patch Tour will be held on Monday, June 26th @ 6:30 pm.  We will begin at Frank Ansems, turn off the 101 at the New Ross turn off north to Beech Hill left to Inchy Street near the end. From there we will proceed to Lakewood Rd to view the gardens of Gerard Ansems, Ron Muis and Fred Ansems .  If you have any questions, please contact Ron Muis at beetgreen01@gmail.com.  Hope to see you there.

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Plant Exchange and Meeting

Hello Everyone:  Just a reminder that our annual Plant Exchange and Meeting will be held on Monday evening,  May 15th at the Windermere Hall at 7:00 pm.  Hopefully members have some spare plants…the weather has not been the best.  Hope to see you there.  Judy

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GPC introducing a trial year for Bushel Gourds

Message from Todd Kline :

Hello fellow growers, during the last couple of years there has been an upsurge in popularity with bushel gourds. Many growing clubs have had discussions, articles in newsletters, and have been passing out seeds to their memberships. Because of this interest the GPC would like to have a trial year this season. For this year bushel gourds will be allowed to be entered in the Master Gardener competition. It will be the seventh category and it will now be 5 of 7 to qualify instead of 5 of 6. This will help more growers qualify for this highly competitive contest. Bushel gourds are widely adaptable and can do well in many growing climates. We know it is a little late in doing this but really there is no perfect time to do this with growers competing all over the world. Should Doug English’s world record of 279.5 pounds be beaten, a plaque and $250 prize will be awarded. If the interest continues to rise then they will become an official category next year. The rules for heavy gourds will be posted on the GPC website shortly. Good luck to everyone this season! Todd Kline


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Spring 2017 Club Newsletter

The 2017 Spring Club Newsletter has been added to this site under the Club Newsletter tab or buy clicking on the following link:


In this issue you will find club news, GPC News, seed starting tips, and the 2017 GPC Pumpkin weight estimator chart

Happy Reading


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2016 Master Grower Results Are In !

2016 Master Gardner

The 2016 list for GPC Master Gardner has been published! The qualifications to participate in the contest are that you must grow and compete in 5 of the 6 GPC vegetable categories. The highlighted ( 12 out of 35) names are club members who qualified for the 2016 season. Congratulations to Todd, Gerard, Fred and John for making the top 10 in the world! Congratulations also to every grower that took on this challenge and was successful – Looking forward to seeing even more club members participating in 2017!

  1. Harnica, John
  2. Martin, Margaret & Glen
  3. Kline, Todd
  4. Ansems, Gerard
  5. Court, Doug
  6. Ansems, Fred
  7. Fleser, Dan
  8. Sippel, Derek
  9. Butler, John
  10. Marley, Steve
  11. Nieuwenhoff, John
  12. Barlow, John & Merri
  13. Weston, Cecil
  14. Reid, Jeff
  15. Ferguson, Paul
  16. Ansems, Shirley
  17. Ansems, Frank
  18. Offermann, Johannes
  19. Ashton, Courtney
  20. Court, Louise
  21. Beal, Jim
  22. Kenneally , Brian
  23. May, Gary
  24. O’Brien, Wayne
  25. Lobay, Mary
  26. MacQuarrie, Kim
  27. Wexler, Team
  28. Ashton, Tamri
  29. Cameron, Paul
  30. Schnicker, Marty
  31. Twelves, Lexi
  32. Gerhardt, Jim
  33. O’Brien, Waylen
  34. Risi, Robert
  35. Puchner, Thomas
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2017 Bushel Gourd Contest

Year of the Bushel Gourd

With the growing popularity of Bushel Gourds we are introducing a contest this year exclusively for the club members. This contest will be for the heaviest bushel gourd grown from Nieuwenhoff 104 seed which you will find in your seed packet. As bushel gourds are not yet a GPC recognized vegetable there are a couple rules to follow: If possible please have your entry weighed at a recognized event that has a certified scale, in the fall we will be asking for your contest submissions and we would ask that you have a picture of the grower and fruit with your entry. The prize will be $250 to the grower of the heaviest bushel gourd and be awarded at the Christmas Social.

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Watch Your Mailbox !!!!

Your 2017 Seed Pack is in the Mail

Dear Members : Soon  you will find, in your mailbox, a great variety of Giant Vegetable seeds to get you 2017 season underway . Not only will you find many seeds supplied by various club members but also many new varieties that have been sourced from around North America. We have added seeds such as Monmouth Red Mangle Beets, Giant Northern Cabbage, Bushel Gourd, and Peruvian Giant Corn. Last year we added a new section on our web site with all the details and growing information and the 2017 page will be completed shortly (you will receive the link via e-mail). This may be the year you want to try something different in addition to a Giant Pumpkin or Giant Squash. Remember our AVGVG Glad Gardens Weigh Off had competitions in 15 categories last year along with an open vegetable class.

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2017 AVGVG Annual Meeting

The AVGVG Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, February 27th,  2017, Windermere Hall, Windermere Road at 7:00 pm.   We will be electing our 2017 Executive and Committee Members.

Hope to see you there!!

Judy Knox, Secretary

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2017 Winter News from the Patch

Below you will find the Winter Edition of the AVGVG News for the Patch. We would ask you to take special note of the following:

1) If you have not paid your 2017 membership dues the details on how to do this are on the 1st page. (We need to have everyone paid to ensure you receive a 2017 seed pack) .

2) On page 3 you will find details on how to contribute to our 2017 seed pack and where and how to send any seeds you may have to be included. We depend on the membership to help make our pack a great one with lots of variety to choose from for the 2017 growing season.

3) On page 4 you will see a section on the 2017 contests – We a soliciting your help and input into the types of contests you would like to see exclusively for club members. Please take some time to give your input to the executive.

We hope you enjoy the latest Newsletter and are busy making big plans for the 2017 Giant Vegetable season.

Winter 2017 Edition News From the Patch

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