AVGVG Meeting January 29, 2018

There will be an AVGVG Meeting on Monday, January 29th at the Windermere Hall, 7:30 pm.  The main topic of discussion will be the plans for our 10th Anniversary.  Hope to see you there.  Judy

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AVGVG Silent Auction Underway

The Annapolis Valley Giant Vegetable Growers (AVGVG) has a great Silent Auction underway on the BigPumpkins.com Seed/Auction Message Board. Fred Ansems has put together some great seeds from both our local growers and others to support our club activities. You will find a huge selection of Pumpkins, Long Gourds, Bushel Gourds, Field Pumpkins and Tomatoes to get you off to a great start in 2018.

All of the bidding details can be found under the “Important Information” post. We want to take the opportunity to thank all the terrific growers who donated seeds to help support our club. All funds raised go directly to the operation of the AVGVG. Details on the club and our activities can be found on our web site www.avgvg.com or look us up on Facebook under Annapolis Valley Giant Vegetable Growers.

Please have a look at our offerings and post a bid for your chance to get some great seeds!

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AVGVG Auction on Big Pumpkins

Please support the Annapolis Valley Giant Vegetable growers by participating in our on-line Auction

Link to BP Auction : http://www.bigpumpkins.com/MsgBoard/ViewBoard.asp?b=26

Bids start at $15 please with $5 increments. All bids are in dollars from the country that you are bidding from. All seeds came from the original grower with no guaranty of germination.

Lots with more than one set will be offered to the highest bidder and they can have one or all sets , the next highest bid can take any sets not taken by the highest bidder.

Bidding will start at 8:00 pm Big Pumpkin time Dec 18,2017.
Bidding will end at 8:00PM Big Pumpkin time on Dec.22,2017.

Payments can be made by check, Money order or PayPal.
paypal payment made to fredansems@live.ca any questions can be made to same address
Check or Money Order made out to Fred Ansems
Mailing address is 1548 Lakewood road Steam Mill Nova Scotia B4N 3V7 Canada

Need for verification
1: BP name
2:real name
3:lot # and bid price
4: how many lots you would like
5:Full mailing address
6:payment method




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2017 Wayne Knox Memorial Trophy Winner – Jeff Reid

At the recent AVGVG Christmas Social club President Ron Muis presented Jeff Reid with the Wayne Knox Memorial Trophy for growing the largest club member pumpkin weighed at the Glad Gardens Weigh Off . Jeff’s pumpkin weighed in at 1298 lbs and was from a 1518 Stelts X 2008 Neptune

Congratulations Jeff

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2017 Bushel Gourd Contest Winner

At our recent Christmas Social President Ron Muis presented Gerard Ansmes  with a cheque for $250 as the winner of this years bushel gourd  contest. Gerard grew the largest bushel gourd from the 108 Nieuwenhoff seed weighing in at 262 Lbs. This was the first year for most AVGVG members growing this new GPC Vegetable and not only did Gerard win the contest but also placed second in the world rankings. Thanks to John Nieuwenhoff for providing the seeds to all of our members.

Congratulations Gerard !

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Newest Inductees into the AVGVG Half Ton Club

At the recent AVGVG Christmas Social held on December 4th,2017 we inducted 7 Club Members into our Half Ton Club. This award recognizes growers who have had the great fortune to grow a pumpkin weighing in excess of 1000 pounds. Congratulations to everyone ! Two members (pictured below)were present to receive their patches and the other five will receive theirs buy mail. Thanks to Charles & Gail Ebbett for their donation of the Half Ton Patches.

Shirley Ansems 1154 lbs  – 2017 Windsor West Hants Weigh Off

Jeremy Zwicker 1181 lbs – 2017 AVGVG Glad Gardens Weigh Off

(Not Pictured )

Daryl Tingley 1156.5 – 2014 Journee de la Citrouville d’Edmundston Weigh Off

Maureen Tingley 1220 lbs – 2016 Le Festival Provincial de la Citrouville Weigh Off

Eddy Shaw 1624 lbs – 2017 Windsor West Hants Weigh Off

Al Aten 1044 Lbs – 2009 Windsor West Hants Weigh Off

John Butler 1236 Lbs – 2014 Port Elgin Pumpkin Festival

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2017 Outstanding Member Award



What are the criteria for Outstanding Member Award for our club? I would like to think that being a grower of prime specimen’s or being  a supporter of club activities or being a help to other growers and/or serving on the Executive would be qualifying traits.  There are probably more attributes that would fit the bill and I believe that our nominee this year is as qualified as can be.

He started growing pumpkins in the mid nineties as a founding member of his community/family pumpkin growing competition.  Then a weigh off in Windsor had some interest and he attended as a spectator where the interest in growing the real big one started.

Jeff Reid talked him into joining the AVGVG and gave him some “good” seeds.  Little did Jeff know that he created a monster grower not only grows pumpkins, but has also grown many other large veggies including a World Championship Long Gourd in 2016.  His name can usually be found in the top 3 of each category he has entered.

For those who haven’t already guessed our 2017 Outstanding Club Member nominee is Gerard Ansems of Steam Mill.  Gerard along with the untiring work of his wife, Catharina, has helped to put the AVGVG to the level it is today.  We have a premier weigh-off at Glad Gardens, thanks in, part to the level of commitment of members like Gerard.

Just a few of his accomplishments:

20101 First pumpkin over 1,000 lbs – 1220 lbs

2012 Wayne Knox Trophy 1616 lbs largest pumpkin weighed at Glad Gardens thus far.  He won at Windsor Exhibition with 1727 lb pumpkin which placed 11th in the world.

2014 Wayne Knox Trophy for his 1297 lb pumpkin

2016 Wayne Knox Trophy for his 1350 lb pumpkin and also World Champion for his 141.5 inch long gourd

2017 ;Placed 9th in the world with his 1183 squash; AVGVG record with his 214 lb bushel gourd; 268 lb bushel gourd at Windsor 2nd in the world.

The list can go on for a long time but you get the drift.

Ron Muis, President

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GPC announcement for Heavy Gourds aka: Bushel Gourd

Due to the great interest and encouraging turnout at many contests throughout the growing world this past season, the GPC has decided to include bushel gourds as an official category. First place ribbons will be sent to weigh off sites as part of this years prize packs. Top three in the world will be recognized at next years seminar in Green Bay. If a new world record is broken a plaque will be also be presented. There were several contenders for the record this year and I’m sure many growers are chomping at the bit to break it. There will be a bushel gourd presentation as part of the agenda at this years seminar in lovely Portland Oregon, another great reason to attend. Networking with other growers and sharing of great seeds will benefit all growers attending. And best of all, new friendships can and are forged at these great events.
Good luck to our grower friends in the Southern Hemisphere who are currently in their growing season!
Todd Kline

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Fall 2017 News From The Patch Now Online

The 2017 Fall Club Newsletter has been uploaded to our the Web Site (avgvg.com). You can find it under the newsletter tab or by clicking on the following link :


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France Weigh Off Continues to Grow!

Our Club Member Catherine Bailon continues to work hard making their very new weigh off in France a great success – Congratulations to Catherine and all of the growers on their success. Below are some pictures from the event held recently:


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