Seed Pack 2019

Be on the look out for your 2019 Seed Pack from the AVGVG. If you are not in the area they have been mailed to you with the other packs for local members available at the next meeting. The “Seed of the Year” which is a cucumber along with the rules have also been included. More details on each of these will be posted on this web site. Good Luck to all growers this year !!!

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Photo Contest 1st Place :Catherine Ballion

Below is our 1st place winner of the 2018 Photo Contest receiving her 10th Anniversary Ribbon – Congratulations Catherine from France !!!

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2018 Outstanding Member – Paul Cameron

Congratulations to Paul Cameron upon receiving the 2018 Outstanding Member Award. Along with being a very active member and grower Paul has been the Club Treasurer for the past 3-years and has done a great job keeping the finances in order.  He is a very enthusiastic member and competes in pumpkin, squash, sunflower head, watermelon, tall sunflower, beet, field pumpkin, green marrow and long gourds. Pictured below is Paul; receiving his plaque from club President Ron Muis at the recent Christmas Social and Awards Ceremony.

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2018 Seed of the Year Results

The clubs 2018 Seed of the Year was a Pro Cut Red Sunflower. Many club members attempted to grow this sunflower with great success however there were 3 growers whom grew this flower to new heights. Congratulations to everyone who grew this flower and entered the contest. Below are this years top 3:

First Place: Bob Rowe – 99 inches

Second Place: John Butler – 90 Inches

Third Place: Catharina Ansems – 82.25 Inches

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2018 Photo Contest Winners

As part of the 2018 AVGVG 10th Anniversary celebrations the club held a photo contest. While we received many interesting entries, below are the top 3 winners who received a 10th anniversary ribbon. Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone who entered!

First Place Winner: Catherine Baillon, Poix du Nord, France 

Second Place Winner: Charles & Gail Ebbett, Stickney, New Brunswick

Third Place Winner: Francis Cambell, Shelburne, Nova Scotia


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AVGVG Seed Auction January 2019

To support the activities of the Annapolis Valley Giant Vegetable Growers, Fred Ansems has put together a tremendous seed sale to get everyone ready for the 2019 season. This is a chance to get some great seeds as well as support the club. You can either click on a lot below (which will take you to the appropriate page on Big Pumpkins ) or go to the Big Pumpkins web site and look under Seed Auction / Raffles message board. A Big Thank You to Fred for putting this all together and running this Auction. Bid Early and Bid Often for some great seeds.

Other Rules

Bidding will start at 8:00pm Big Pumpkin time Jan20,2019.

Bidding will end at 8:00pm Big Pumpkin time on Jan27,2019

Min bid starts off at 15$ .

Bidding must be in  5$ increases

From country of bidder. So a U.S. person pays in US$ and a Canadian pays in Canadian$.

Lot 35 Paton’s 2433 2 Sets
Lot 34 2145 McMullen genetics 
Lot 33 Proven 1 Ton producers
Lot 32 Werner ’17 + ’18 2 Sets
Lot 31 A pair of 2000+ Pumpkins 2 sets
Lot 30 1700 Lbs collection
Lot 29 Vander Wielen ’17 + ’18
Lot 28 Bryson ’17 +’18
Lot 27 Daletas ’15 +’17
Lot 26 Hunt ’18 ( NEW CANADIAN RECORD) 2 sets
Lot 25 Hunt ’17
Lot 24 2018 Sherwood Collection 2 sets
Lot 23 2017 Sherwood collection
Lot 22 Crews 1884 Pumpkin
Lot 21 Jutras’s ( 2118 lb) Squash 2 sets
lot 20 Holub’s 1807 Squash
Lot 19 Jutras Squash
Lot 18 Jutras ’15,’16 Squash
Lot 17 Jutras Squash
Lot 16 Collection of Squash 1 set
Lot 15 Sherwood Bushel Gourds 2 sets 
Lot 14 Price Bushel Gourds 1 set
Lot 13 Houston Bushel Gourds 2 sets
Lot 12 G. Ansems Bushel Gourds 1 set
Lot 11 G. Ansems Bushel Gourds 2 sets
Lot 10 MacKinnon Field Pumpkin’s 2 sets
Lot 9 Vander Wielen Tomatoes
Lot 8 Lyons Tomato’s + Field pumpkin’s 5 sets
Lot 7 Neptune Watermelon’s 2 sets
Lot 6 Houston Watermelon’s 3 sets
Lot 5 Vander Wielen long gourds 2018 + Bushel Gou
Lot 4 Vander Wielen long Gourds 2017
Lot 3 Muis Long Gourds (2 sets)
Lot 2 Muis Long Gourds (2 sets)
Lot 1 Flesher + muis Long Gourds
A.V.G.V.G Seed Auction for 2019 Check it out







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Christmas Social 2018

The Annual AVGVG Christmas Social/Meeting will be held on Friday, December 7th at 6:30 pm at the Windermere Hall, Windermere Rd., Berwick.  Pizza will be provided along with tea, coffee, hot chocolate, water and pop.  Members are asked to bring along an appetizer or a small dessert plate to share.  PLEASE RSVP TO ME AT <> BY DECEMBER 4TH THE NUMBER OF ADULTS AND YOUNG GARDENERS ATTENDING.

If there is a snowstorm on the 7th, we will hold our event on Thursday, December 20th.
To all our members who are unable to join us, on behalf of our President, Ron Muis and the Executive, I would like to extend a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Judy Knox
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2018 France Competition

Our France members had a great competition and have sent us along some wonderful pictures. Take a minute to have a look and see all the great activities they have at their competition. Congratulations to all the competitors. Félicitations

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2018 Weigh Off Pictures Added

Pages have been created for the 2018 pictures from the Glad Gardens Weigh Off as well as the Windsor-West Hants Weigh Off. We have created a new menu tab “Weigh Off Photo Galleries ’18’-” (seen above). Simply click on this tab to go to the page or a drop down menu will also appear so that you can select which weigh off photos you would like to review.These photos are also available on our Facebook page.

Thanks to the many contributing photographers this year.

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Weather Channel Video From Windsor – West Hants Weigh Off

Check out this video from the Windsor -West Hants Weigh Off including interviews with Danny Dill and Gerard Ansmes about his Bushel Gourd currently sitting at number 2 in the world at 335 lbs. Click on the link below to view the video :

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