Seed of the Year

Annapolis Valley Giant Vegetable Growers

Hall Of Honor – Seed of the Year

Please Click here for your 2020 Seed of the Year Rules : Rule for the 2020 AVGVG Seed of the Year Contest (8)

                               2019 Seed of the Year Winner


Gerard Ansems- Armenian Yard-Long Cucumber

2018 Seed of the Year Winner

Bob Rowe – 99″ Pro Cut Red Sunflower

2017 Seed of the Year Winner

Gerard Ansems 262 Lb Bushel Gourd

2016 Seed of the Year Winner

img_6359Frank Ansems – Winner 1160lb Pumpkin

2015 Seeds of the Year Winners

IMG_3839Frank Ansems – Winner 141lb English Green Marrow

IMG_3842Ron Muis -Winner  1194lb Pumpkin

2014 Seed of the Year Winners – Bill and Dawn Northrup

Bill & Dawn Northrup Seed of the Year Winners

2013 Seed of the Year Winner – Andrew Ansems

Andrew Ansems -Seed of the Year

2012 Seed of the Year Winner – Bill Smeltzer

Seed of the Year Winner 2012 Bill S-1.

2011 Seed of the Year Winner Frank A.

Seed of the Year Winner 2011 Frank A

2016 Seed of the Year Process

Each year the members of the club will select one seed either  fruit or vegetables to be grown the following year as the “Seed of the Year”. Each member will have a chance to nominate, be nominated and to grow the selected fruit or vegetable. All club members choosing to grow the Seed of the Year will be entered in a special club contest for an additional prize. The rules of the “Seed of the Year” contest are as follows:

“Seed of the Year” Selection

·         Any club members fruit or vegetable seed can be nominated

·         Nominations will take place from December 1st  to December 31st each year

·         You must be a club member to nominate a seed and the nomination must be for either your own seed or another club member’s seed.

·         All nominations will be confirmed with the nominee to ensure that they will be able to provide enough seeds for the annual seed packs.

·         The nominated list will be published the first week of January and you will have until the 20th of January to cast your vote via e-mail to :

       Each membership gives you two chances to vote.

·         Once the votes have been tabulated then the winner will be announced by the end of January to ensure that the seed will be included in the seed pack.

                          All votes will remain confidential.


Fruit or Vegetable

·         The prize for winning the “Seed of the Year” contest will be $100.00

·         The entrants must be have their fruit or vegetable weighed at a recognized weigh off and submit the results via e-mail :

·         The winner will be announced at the Club Christmas Social that takes place each year in early December.

·         The winner will have his/her picture posted on our web site.


Members are encouraged to submit all entries whether they are from their own seeds or from another members seeds. Keep in mind that all entrants will be contacted to ensure they can donate the required number of seeds for the member seed packs.

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