Glad Gardens Weigh Off 2014

2014 Glad Gardens Weigh Off and Competition

Each year, since its inception, the AVGVG has held a yearly gigantic vegetable weigh off. The event takes place at Glad Gardens (5108 Highway #1 just west of Waterville). This year the date of the Giant Vegetable Weigh Off is Friday, September 26 from 7pm to 9pm and Saturday, September 27, 2014 from 10am – 3pm.
This is the six anniversary of our very successful event. The AVGVG has continued to expand and has seen an increased number of participants, as well as attendees. In 2013, approximately 300 people attended the event, with over 80 entrants of giant vegetables in the competition. Fred Ansems (of Lakeville Road, Kings County), Long Gourd set a new World Record measuring in at 139.25”. This was the first world record by a club member and certainly helped increase the excitement and recognition of our clubs weigh off efforts. We received considerable media in both printed and online stories as well as interviews on many radio and TV stations.
The main attractions – giant vegetables – become superstars in their own right! And it’s not just the heaviest pumpkin that gets the attention. They are judged from the tallest sunflower or corn stalk to the heaviest tomato, watermelon, or squash. A crowd favorite is always the most unusual or weirdest giant vegetable
The Glad Gardens weigh off event is free for all who wish to attend and there are also free parking and washroom facilities on site. Although adult members of the organization enjoy the opportunity to compete for the prizes and swell with pride when they are successful with their entries, it is the children’s program where the club spends most of its efforts. Older members of the club recognize that they are the mentors for the next generation and they take that responsibility very seriously. The club recognizes that, in this new food culture, a young generation is emerging with a knowledge gap in their ability to know how to grow food. Many members find it highly rewarding, on both a personal and emotional level, to work with children, grandchildren, friends, and others who do not know how to grow vegetables. By sharing their values, the members are creating real cultural change in their local community.
Two years ago we made a major change in our event by joining the international governing body for giant vegetable competition know as the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC). Our participants not only compete amongst themselves but also internationally with all growers of giant vegetables around the world. This major level of competition opens up avenues of opportunities for our club and our weigh off to show just what we can accomplish here in the valley.

Click Here to Download: 2014 Glad Gardens Event Poster

Click Here to Download : 2014 Event Program

Click Here to Download: GG Entry Form 2014

Click Here to Download : GG-GPC Data Entry Form 2014

Click Here to Download : Competition_Rules_for_AVGVG 2014

Schedule of Events

September 26th: 7:00pm – 9:00 Vegetable Judging
September 27th: 9:00am – 10:00 Registration
10:00am – 11:30 Final Vegetable Judging
11:30am – 1:00 Pumpkin Weighing
1:00pm – 2:00 Awards / Presentations

Saturday All Day Events

Children’s Games, Face Painting, Canteen & BBQ
50/50 Guess the Pumpkin Weight, Raffles,
Vegetable Viewing

Adult Prizes and Awards

Heaviest Pumpkin
1st $500 2nd $300 3rd $200 4th $100 5th $50
Heaviest Squash
1st $200 2nd $100 3rd $50 4th $50 5th $50
GPC Howard Dill Award for the Prettiest Pumpkin
Heaviest Tomato, Heaviest Watermelon, Tallest Sunflower, Longest Gourd, Heaviest Field Pumpkin, Largest Sunflower Head, Longest Carrot, Heaviest English Green Marrow, Heaviest Beet, Tallest Corn, Heaviest Radish, Heaviest Cabbage, Heaviest Carrot, Heaviest Onion
1st $20 2nd $10 3rd $5
Peoples Choice Award
1st $20 2nd $10 3rd $5
Wayne Knox Memorial Trophy awarded to Heaviest Pumpkin entered by an AVGVG Member

Young Gardner’s Category Prizes
Heaviest Pumpkin
Prize Basket & Ribbon
All other Categories receive a ribbon and prize

The Fine Print Anyone competing in GPC will do so as adult and pay registration fee regardless of age. • Young Gardner’s entries are free for competition in Young Gardner’s category – Each youth will receive a ribbon as well as a prize.  Basket of goodies for the Top Pumpkin • Young Gardner’s are eligible to enter in the Young Gardner’s category if they are 16 and under on the date of the weigh off. • In order to be awarded the Wayne Knox Memorial trophy you must be an AVGVG member at out August planning meeting (August 25th) and grow the heaviest pumpkin weighed at the Glad Gardens Weigh Off. • Howard Dill Award will be given to the best looking pumpkin as determined by the judges. $50.00 Prize • All adult entries will be eligible for the Lucky Growers draws. • AVGVG Memberships will be available at the weigh off and will be good (new or renewal – $15 Family) for all of  2015. •

Judges decisions are final 

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